Novomed Pharma

Novomed Pharma is a pharmaceutical company established in Serbia with the aim of providing additional services in the pharmaceutical sector

About us

As a full-service provider, we provide our partners with support for the entire Balkan region, starting from the process of drug or medical device registration, through import and distribution, launch, positioning. We provide our partners with complete safety in the whole process thanks to the high standards defined by strict procedures in the areas of compliance and quality.

Our team is professional and highly motivated to offer tailor-made services, according to individual needs of our pharmaceutical partners. Base area of our business is complete support of our partner companies, standing from representation, import, consignation and wholesale distribution of the medicines, OTC products, medical devices and dietetic products, to other wholesales and end users in Serbia, reexport/export in countries in region, also including services like registration and pharmacovigilance, as well as services of promotion and marketing.

It operates on the market of Serbia and other countries as a wholesaler of drugs and other pharmaceutical products. It cooperates with all key wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in the country and abroad.


Our services:

Representing Pharmaceutical Companies in Serbia and Balkan region

If you are considering selling your medicines or medical devices to all Balkan region pharmaceutical market, or you want to accelerate it, we are ready to make it for your company. We are offering solutions for entering the market to our partners, setting up the business model, registration, promotion, positioning and other post-sales activities for medicines and medical devices. Our activities are based on long time knowledge and experience.

Market insight consulting

Market access

Drugs market research

Medical devices markets research

Market assessment and segmentation

Business Planning and Development

Business Model Planning and Development Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Assortment of Drugs and Medical Devices Consulting

Registering Drugs and Medical Devices

Identifying and Managing Contractors:

Market Expansion and Support

Market Development / Market Segment / Therapeutic Area Development

Promoting and Positioning Drugs and Medical Devices

Post-Sales Support

Budgeting and Forecasting